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Convert Flash Banner to Html5 Banner

Looking to convert Flash Banner to HTML5 Banner?

So you are get the right place!

Do you have Flash animated banner and need to convert it to HTML5 Banner?

Flash Banner was very much popular before the age of Smart devices. But now a day so many system and devices come out in real life, many devices like Smart phone, IPod, IPad not supported the flash file, as well as MAC or Android system not supported the Flash. There is so many reason behind the flash system, so Nano or fluid technology not supported it. As a result, HTML5 Language and CSS Framework play a vital role for creating animation now a day. is the right place under the support of DESIGNFO. If you live any part of the world followed by any language, do not hesitate for that. Just contact with us for any types of HTML5 animated banner, infographic, header design services, our team waiting for you.

1) Why do you prefer to convert Flash Banner Ads to HTML5 Banners?

People’s prefer to convert Flash Banner Ads to HTML5 Banners because Flash Banners are not so much advantageous and beneficial banner types as much as HTML Banners. Nowadays, Flash Banner have become backdated and is almost out of use because it’s functioning does not support in all devices. Presently, HTML5 Banner is extensively used in market as it supports all devices like Laptops, Tablets etc. also file size is very small, low speed internet connection this banners work fine. So the reasons are obvious why clients prefer HTML5 Banners than Flash Banners.

2) HTML5 banner can change or modify in future?

Yes you can totally change and modify the banner in future. Because after complete the project we will send you the raw files with pdf guide. How you edited the banner, Change the image or some text, or put new offer –all will be in our Free EBook Guide. If you feel any crucial problem regarding banner, just mail us our supported team help you.

3) After Conversation HTML5 Banner, is this file Supported by Google AdWords?

Yes, our created file 100% Supported by Google AdWords as well as google remarketing Tool. Because we create total project manually, maintain all criteria of Google and other third party company policy. Our zip file below 150 KB and before sending you the file we test on our own account. If you not satisfied for that we send 100% money back.

If you want to order a something from us then you can contact us or can mail can mail us.
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What are the Benefits of HTML5 Banners rather than Flash banner?

a) HTML5 Banners are of very small file size so they load much faster than Flash Banners.
b) HTML5 Banners can easily responsive or mobile friendly
c) HTML5 Banners supports in all devices such as: - Tablets, Mobiles etc.
d) HTML5 Banners easily editable than Flash Banner, not need much more computer knowledge
e) HTML5 Banner is more cost effective than Flash banner. Just $5 you can order us for a HTML5 Banner.
f) HTML5 Banner supported all latest browser – Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.

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